Are some of the Leading 'Gummy' Multi-vitamin Brands Missing many (some by as much as half) of the traditional 30 Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, and Antioxidants the body needs? The comparison we conducted revealed some unexpected findings.

Given the recent surge in popularity of 'Gummy' supplements and the increasing availability of Adult Gummy MULTIS, it's worth noting that consumers may not be aware that these Gummies might fall short of containing ALL the traditional 30 Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes, and Antioxidants the body needs to bridge the nutrient gaps in one's diet. Consumers of Gummy MULTIS will want to take a Hard look at their current MULTI to ensure that none of the 30 Essential ingredients found in a traditional MULTI are Missing.

We conducted a 'comparison' between VITALERT and Two of the Leading Brands and the findings are striking (see comparison table below). Clearly VITALERT stands out by offering more than Twice as many Essential ingredients (30 to be exact) plus 9 additional highly beneficial Herbs and Nootropics to support Energy, Cognition, Immune Health, Heart health, Well-Being, and much more.., presenting a High-Potency formula without the 'Added Sugar' unlike the Leading Brands below which not only contain 'Added Sugar' but are also missing Half of the traditional Essential ingredients, containing only 13 or 14.

One often-overlooked concern is the presence of 'Added Sugar' in those leading brand Gummies which contradicts the objective of maintaining good health through taking MULTIS. The 'Added Sugar' in a Gummy MULTI may potentially contribute to weight gain, thereby elevating the risk of potentially developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.. Additionally, Gummy MULTIS containing 'Added Sugar' may potentially pose risk to dental health as well. The sugar and sticky texture of these Gummies can cling to teeth and may promote the growth of harmful bacteria, potentially leading to tooth decay and other dental problems.

Therefore, it may be optimal for consumers to simply stick with traditional 'TABLETS' like VITALERT to ensure they are receiving all the traditional 30 Essential ingredients the body needs (plus the benefits of the 9 additional Herbs & Nootropics) and avoid the daily 'Added Sugar' consumption from these Gummies.